Best Rehab Center in Dhaka Bangladesh

Golden Life is a Government Authorized Drug Addiction Treatment and best Rehab Center in Dhaka. Due to the reputation of medical success and the reputation of the organization, It has obtained the certificates registered by the Department of Narcotics Control and Department of Social Services of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, license numbers are respectively – 12 / 20014-20015 and dha-08076

Internal Environment

Why Golden Life is Best Rehab Center?

1. We started to work with addicts in the year 2004.
2. Very Confidential Treatment Policy.
3. A complete range of treatment options for individuals struggling with addiction.
4. Comprehensive treatment programs carried out by highly qualified and expert medical professionals.
5. A dedicated staff of experts work together to create personalized treatment plans.
6. Comfortable and Homely living environments.
7. 24 Hours Medical Service Facilities.

Best Rehab Center in Dhaka Bangladesh

Golden Life is a best rehab center in dhaka which is always dedicated for better treatment by trained professionals. We make sure that every client here gets what they want aimed for. It is the renowned and most up-to-date drug addiction treatment and best rehab center for psychologically sick patients and drug addicts. We started working with addicts in 2004. We are treating psychologically sick patients and addicts. It has been 19 years and many addicts are willingly coming or being given by their parents to receive treatment. We make a case history for every patient because we try to understand why a person becomes an addict and finding out how he first got introduced to drugs.
A drug addict needs to have a proper treatment or rehabilitation center to bring him for a better life. The family or guardian of the addict should first understand why the patient is using drugs and they should express and share their concerns with the patient about his drug addiction problem. Drug addiction is a very sensitive disease that needs to be dealt with utmost care and love. A drug addict needs better treatment to get off his drug habits because he is preparing to deal with the problem that caused him to take the drug. A drug addict cannot be normal of his own, He needs a good rehabilitation treatment to function properly.
Golden Life is a drug addiction treatment and best rehab center which is situated at Mirpur in Dhaka. Our rehab center internal environment is really good and well furnished, because it is also a big and beautiful place which helps to get a positive change in our patients minds. We have professional Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Psychotherapists, M.B.B.S doctors who provides treatment to our patients with love and care. We also have medical assistant and certified addiction professional. 
Golden Life is one of the renowned and most experienced rehab in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We follow the NA program and assessment, which are monitored by certified drug addiction professionals. In this course, we teach our patients how to control their anger and their obsession with drugs. We also teach how a drug addict can earn their self-respect and maintain self-esteem. We provide a disciplined life in this rehab center so that they can lead their life happily after treatment. So we suggest to every drug addict that if they want to get rid of from drug addiction problem, please contact us. We will happily help you by providing a proper treatment to lead a sober life.
We take important classes with our certified and well experienced addiction professionals. These classes are about Addiction so that they can stay away from drugs and lead a sober life. By receiving knowledge and awareness from these classes, an addict can relate to their life and bring changes to his life. 
We provide Treatment usually ?
  •      1. Detoxification 

  •      2. Rehabilitation

After detoxification a patient is brought to rehabilitation treatment. After bringing an alcoholic or a drug addict person and from then until his treatment  gets over here is a short description about physical and psychological treatment. We give medicines, and our patients are under continuous observation by our medical assistant. 

How we Give Treatment to a Drug Addict Patient:

  • We provide a better treatment procedure to cure drug addict patients. Basically this treatment process usually takes 4 to 6 months, and it includes the following steps:
    1. Detoxification
    2. Rehabilitation 
    3. Withdraw Management 
    4. Pathology Test 
    5. Screening Test and Assessment 
    6. Case History Create 
    7. Family Guide Line and Counseling 
    8. Anger Management 
    9. Counseling for Relationship Buildup
    10. Changing Behavior
    11. Highly Confidential Treatment
    12. Group Counseling
    13. Individual Counseling
    14. Relapse Prevention Counseling
    15. Family Meet After 30 Days
    16. Drug Testing Kit
    17. Psychological Class 
    18. Aftercare 

Best Drug Addiction and Rehab Center in Dhaka

Golden Life provides 24-hour service. For more information you can contact with us anytime or you can visit our rehab center. We are participating in various anti-drug campaigns, awareness movements and programs every year. Beside we can bring patients any where from Bangladesh. We have expert escort team and they are very professional in this job.
We are the First and Best Rehab Center in Dhaka. You are Most Welcome to visit our Rehab Center any time. Otherwise we have another Rehab Center which is also located at Mirpur